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Two Business School Teams Conquer the 13th Gobi Challenge


Xuan Zang Road International Business School’s 13th annual Gobi Challenge met with a new contender this year! The seasoned team from the CUHK EMBA (Chinese) Program was joined for the very first time by their fellows from the MBA Program in Finance (FMBA).

On the evening of 30 April, contestants gathered for the Opening Ceremony at Wen Bo Yuan in Dunhuang. The School Leader, Prof. Kalok Chan, Dean of CUHK Business School, made the trip to the desert from Hong Kong to offer his blessing and encouragement to the CUHK teams.

Spanning 2 to 5 May, this year’s Gobi Challenge was attended by nearly 3,000  students, alumni and faculty members of MBA and EMBA programs across mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, France and the United States. They participated in the 4-day event by trekking across a 114-kilometre stretch of the Gobi desert. The new FMBA team comprised eight alumni and staff, who were all excited to take part for the first time. The other team, led by program director Prof. Jeff Yeung, comprised 27 EMBA (Chinese) Program alumni.

Throughout their journey, the CUHK contestants proved their team spirit again and again as they conquered the extreme weather and unpredictable conditions of the desert. They gave their all in the spirit of the Gobi Challenge, which was “Ideal, Action and Persistence”.

The EMBA (Chinese) team included the following individuals:

Team Leader:

Prof. Jeff Yeung, Director of the EMBA (Chinese) Program


WU Junlian (2015 intake)


CHANG Yi (2015 intake)

SUN Yuxing (2015 intake)

CHAU Man Ming (2015 intake)

TANG Yibin (2015 intake)

CHEN Yan (2010 intake)

TIAN Xu (2015 intake)

JIA Yufang (2010 intake)

YU Ping (2015 intake)

LI Changxia (2015 intake)

ZHANG Bang (2015 intake)

LI Nanjing (2015 intake)

ZHANG Limin (2015 intake)

LI Shanjun (2015 intake)

ZHAO Bin (2015 intake)

LI Shujun (2015 intake)

ZHENG Mingyan (2010 intake)

LIN Hua (2015 intake)

ZHOU Chuifu (2015 intake)

LIN Maohua (2015 intake)

ZHOU Sheng (2015 intake)

LIU Dong (2015 intake)

PAN Yu (2015 intake)

QIAN Bolin (2015 intake)

REN Yanfeng (2015 intake)

SONG Haixia (2015 intake)

ZHU Luzhi (2015 intake)

Prof. WONG Chi Sum (staff)

Dr. Chuck HE (staff)

The new FMBA team included the following individuals: 

Captain:   GAN Dechao (2014 intake)
Members:   CUI Liyi (2016 intake)
 YU Zhuojun (2012 intake)
   HU Zhengguo (2014 intake)
 ZHOU Xing (2017 intake)
   WANG Song (2016 intake)
 Kristy CHUNG (staff)
   WANG Yanhui (2010 intake)


Business School Dean Prof. Kalok Chan (far left) joins the FMBA team for a cheerful photo during the Gobi Challenge opening ceremony

The EMBA (Chinese) contestants share their excitement in the desert, with the Team Leader and Program Director Prof. Jeff Yeung (4th from front left) 

We gave it our all!