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Adding a Little Sunshine to the Dragon Boat Festival


Run to Your Home, in partnership with the Caritas Cheng Shing Fung District Elderly Centre and S.K.H. Lok Man Alice Kwok Integrated Service Centre, organised home visits to elderly citizens living alone in Shamshuipo and Kowloon City on 13 and 20 May. The events brought together EMBA alumni and students, as well as their families, who volunteered to help others enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival. 

Participants first gathered in the early morning for a briefing session. Afterwards, they split into groups and proceeded to their destinations carrying gift packs of fruit, rice dumplings and a pair of teru teru bōzu, also known as “sunny dolls.” 

Popularised by a Japanese cartoon, the dolls have smiling faces and are made to welcome good weather in the hope that every day is sunny and bright. Volunteers laughed and chatted with the elderly citizens and helped them make their own sunny dolls during a special mini-workshop, for which they expressed heartfelt appreciation. After the home visits had finished, volunteers attended a sharing session to discuss their experiences.    

Run to Your Home is a registered charitable organisation established in 2011 by EMBA graduates hoping to strengthen social cohesion and spread positive energy throughout local communities. The home visits accomplished these aims by connecting volunteers with the elderly in a fun, friendly and warm setting, bringing happiness into their lives. Mr. Daniel Lo, Chairman of Run to Your Home and an EMBA alumnus of 2010, was pleased with the feedback he received, saying, “I am thankful for the support of our volunteers, some of whom were joined by their families. We will continue organising meaningful events like this to share our love and care with those in need.”

Click here to view photos from the home visits.

High-spirited volunteers assemble for a cheerful group photo before they set off

Volunteers share their experiences with each other after the home visit

(Left)The child of an EMBA volunteer presents a pair of sunny dolls he made
(Right) An elderly citizen’s home is decorated with a sunny doll