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Title: Traditional Chinese Scholarship as Today’s Reference Talk Series: "Symbols of Human Wisdom — The Quintessence of Chinese Characters, Relics and Culture"
Date: 22/01/2018
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Si Yuan Lecture Theatre, Kwok Tak Seng Building (Block C), The Open University of Hong Kong
Participants: Alumni and friends
Organiser: CUHK BBA Alumni Association, The Open University of Hong Kong and Research Institute in Bilingual Learning and Teaching

Professor Cheung Kwong Yue

Head and Chair Professor

Department of Chinese

Hang Seng Managament College 


With the support of our alumnus and friends, our "Traditional Chinese Scholarship as Today’s Reference" talk series has received overwhelming response.

Scripts are the crystallization of human wisdom. Their birth and development not only mark the dawn of civilization, but also signify a big step for human civilization. Relics are the carrier of scripts, symbolizing their longevity in history. Scripts and relics are always the cradle of culture. Ever since the idea of civilization emerges, the relation among scripts, relics and culture becomes inseparable.

The relics that we admire today, no matter that they are a piece of pottery, an oracle bone, a bamboo slip, an old cotton cloth or a piece of paper are well preserved throughout the years. Chinese characters can therefore be spread and well-kept from the past to present by relying on the relics as carriers.

We are honored to invite Professor Cheung Kwong Yue to share his findings on the interconnection among Chinese characters, relics and culture in an easy and comprehensive ways, aided with real life examples and findings from academic researches to tell the stories behind different relics, tracing back their origins and exploring their movement and development. By looking over all key pieces of information in the long course of history, we could correlate the past to the modern values and meanings in present society.

Seats are limited, and registrations will be on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Language: Cantonese

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