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The Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office always strives to establish a powerful and extensive alumni network. You can connect with the 30,000-strong alumni community by keeping in touch with the latest happenings of your fellow alumni. Snippets include the professional movements of your peers, promotion news, recent appointments, achievements and other special announcements. If you would like to share your professional updates, please contact us at or telephone (852) 3943 1918. Stay connected!


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Cheung Theobald Aylwin and Cheung Harvey Jackel
(EMBA 2010)

Brothers Theo and Jackel Cheung, both co-founders of, opened their third co-working space in 18 months. It is Hong Kong’s first coffee-themed co-working space, and aims to promote coffee culture. Three years ago, the pair visited Europe and Southeast Asia and learned how to operate a co-working space, and they are fully committed to boosting creativity. Next, they hope to transform their latest business into a community where tenants freely exchange thoughts and ideas.

Updated on 25-09-2017
Calum Ip
(BBA in Hotel and Tourism Management 2010)

Recently, Calum Ip launched The Little Kitchen Cookery Studio, which offers cookery classes. Calum was a private English tutor for nearly ten years before he studied the culinary arts in Japan and Thailand, which inspired him to spread the joy of cooking. By establishing cookery studios in Hong Kong’s popular tourist spots, he hopes to attract visitors and promote cultural exchange. 

Updated on 15-09-2017
Gaurav Bhatnagar
(MBA 2015)

Gaurav Bhatnagar recently joined EY, one of Greater China’s largest professional services organisations, as a consultant. He previously worked for Infosys Consulting as a consultant and Cognizant Technology Solutions as a corporate analyst. Currently, he resides in Hong Kong. 

Updated on 05-09-2017
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